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nuePanel gets 5 new troubleshooting commands

nuePanel.128.128I’ve updated nuePanel with five new command buttons. Beware, #1, #3 and #4 won’t be visible unless you run the program with admin rights.

1. Troubleshooting > “Chkdsk system drive on boot” schedules chkdsk to scan the system drive for errors when you next reboot.

2. Troubleshooting > “Default DNS server is…” displays your current default DNS server. If your DNS is set automatically, for example via DHCP from the router, you’ll get the router name and IP address instead.

3. Troubleshooting > “File changes (real-time)” displays the names of files being changed on your system drive, as the changes are being made. This is just about as basic as monitoring gets – it only works on the system drive, and only if it’s NTFS, you don’t get the full file path, it only displays file changes – but even these details may be useful. And as it’s using a standard Windows component you can be sure it’ll work just about anywhere.

4 Hardware > “Filter drivers” displays the filter drivers installed on your PC. These are drivers which are modifying the behaviour of other devices and drivers. They’re interesting because they can make low-level changes which affect the performance, stability and security of your PC. Typically you’ll see only standard Windows filters and maybe file system filters from your antivirus, but Google for any file names you see to find out more.

5. Hardware > “Keyboard test” runs a simple keyboard hotkey test. Just press a key, Windows tells you what it is (hopefully) and gives you its code and scan code (“a”, code 0x41, scan code 0x1e).

nuePanel┬áruns on 32 or 64-bit Windows 7 or later. Run the 64-bit version on 64-bit Windows, if possible– the 32-bit version will still be useful, but some of its tools won’t work correctly.